IT consulting

Softage provides a full range of IT consulting and software services:

  • Software Technology Consulting (Java, .NET, C/C++ consultants)
  • Software Assessment & Architecture Review
  • Open Source Research and Integration
  • Project Feasibility Auditing
  • Development Cost Estimation
  • Existing Software Refactoring.
  • Software Performance Optimization.

Feature Project: Softage is proud to announce the successful completion of a major software consulting project for Skype. The project challenge was to improve performance of a critical Skype software component responsible for phone number recognition. As a result, the component’s performance increased more than twelve-fold!


IT Professional Services

We are operating in a new age of software development. It is critical for businesses to stay up-to-date on technological opportunities and incorporate those opportunities into their strategic business planning outlook. Softage offers top-notch IT consulting and business software development services to meet your specific company needs. We provide a create array of solutions to cover the entire range of technological capabilities, from crafting a new IT strategy to optimizing existing IT infrastructure and troubleshooting.

Our consulting services are directed towards optimization and reorganization of clients’ current system landscape into compliance with their current and anticipated technological requirements. Don’t know what those are? We can with figuring that out.

Softage’s expertise in enterprise information management, platform migration, and code refactoring allows us to give our clients an exact evaluation of their current information technology “state of readiness” and recommend enhancement where necessary, as well as advise them on appropriate tools and technology to select moving forward.

Key IT Services:

  • Enterprise Information Management: Elaboration of means and methods to gather and manage information assets within the organization. In other words, to make sure the people who need the information get it, the information they get is the information they need, and the information no one needs doesn’t bog down the whole system. Or, if you prefer, inventory management for information.
  • Platform Migration: When your old foundation can’t support your business, physically, you need to move it. It’s the same with software. Whether your old platform is too old, or you’ve simply outgrown it, Softage provides re-architecture, migration and re-engineering of software products for every level of complexity.
  • Code Refactoring: Redesigning code for your software application in order to enhance stability and performance.

Project Outlook

Softage’s team of qualified IT consultants take up both short-term and long-term assignments in Microsoft .NET, Java, and J2EE, among many others. Having vast experience in applying and implementing the IT technology, we will address your immediate concerns, solve your pressing problems, and offer the right technology-based solution on time and within budget.

Contact us today to consult with our representative and to receive FREE project estimation.

If You Are an IT Consultant

If you are an IT Consultant and the needs your client base projects are starting to be out of your abilities, or you already have on-site team but they do not meet your high criteria for quality, please contact Softage to discuss subcontracting services!