A major player in Russia’s insurance industry, our client has provided peace of mind for millions of individuals and corporate customers alike since the early 1990s. Throughout this time, the client deployed sophisticated IT solutions to streamline its operations and improve compliance.

The software used by the company to handle customer data was built many years ago, and became increasingly antiquated. Its original integrated development environment (IDE) had fallen out of common use, making software maintenance consistently more difficult. The insurer turned to Softage for help transitioning to a new IDE.

Modernization, Development


By upgrading the software, the client fully expected to optimize its performance and eliminate the growing inefficiencies in maintaining the system. However, alongside the full upgrade came the same difficulties with respect to maintenance: it required familiarity with the original IDE, the one that was no longer commonplace and had in fact fallen into obsolescence.

The company first tried to tackle the challenge by using their own resources; however, they soon realized the need to implement highly-specific programming skills. The insurer reached out to Softage, as we are one of the few companies with the necessary expertise in C++, as well as an extensive knowledge with both the old and the new IDEs. They knew our software engineers would avoid the mistakes and delays that occur with developers less experienced in this specific area.


Softage put together a strong four-piece team, including three seasoned С++ developers well-acquainted with both IDEs, a QA engineer, and a project manager. We quickly established a rapport with the client’s engineering department, and were able to streamline our communications, swiftly moving past the planning stage without being mired in bureaucracy.

Our main job was to upgrade the company’s software from Borland C++ Builder to Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE. Drawing on decades of programming innovation know-how and the superior technical capabilities of the modern IDE, our developers enhanced the program’s performance while retaining the original features.

We also developed an abridged offline version of the software, enabling the company’s sales department to process customer data on the spot.


Today, we continue to upgrade the software, optimizing the application’s performance and developing its offline version. By raising the operational speed and making it easier for the company to acquire and automatically onboard new customers, Softage succeeded in helping them increase overall profitability.

During the course of this project, Softage successfully navigated the complexities of a large company and developed an efficient collaboration model with its staff. This experience has proved extremely valuable, enabling us to assist other blue-chip clients to build and improve their industry-specific software.

Our expertise in fintech also received a considerable boost by executing this project.

Technology Stack:

Programming languages C++
Frameworks Boost, STL C++ libraries
Databases MS Access, MySQL
Integrated development environments Borland C++ Builder, Embarcadero Rad Studio