Your Enterprise Mobile App Development Experts

Your Enterprise Mobile App Development Experts

Softage designs and develops custom native and cross-platform mobile applications tailored to the business realities of our clients, fulfilling their need for advanced enterprise mobility.

Our knowledge of key mobile technologies, and a comprehensive handle on the enterprise segment, translates into a smooth, hassle-free delivery process with predictably favorable results. With dozens of satisfied clients served over our 15-year history, we at Softage stand behind every commitment we make, and are up for any challenges that come our way.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Our mobile apps help individual employees, departments, and entire organizations work better and faster, wherever and whenever necessity dictates or inspiration strikes. With no firm attachment to their workplaces or personal computers, field staff can instantly capture data, share it with colleagues and HQ, or process it on the spot without having to travel. This is a huge factor in not only saving time and resources but in bolstering productivity as well.

Softage implements complex, mobile-centric and device-agnostic workflows, seamlessly integrating them into the clients’ enterprise infrastructures.

  • Shared access to corporate data anytime, anywhere

  • Increased accuracy and speed of data collection

  • Enhanced productivity of mobile workers

  • Instant, hassle-free content distribution

  • Executive dashboards and advanced ad hoc reporting

  • Enhanced security

Interested in learning more about how Softage can help mobilize your business? We offer top to bottom coverage of the entire mobile app development process, and are fully proficient building across all major platforms, including cross-platform and hybrid solution development.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

We build mobile solutions that cover the entire spectrum of enterprise needs. From document exchange and on-premise data capture to robust fleet management suites — we know how to make the most out of these generic concepts and adapt them to your unique processes, existing software environment, and corporate style.

Productivity-boosting tools

  1. Real-time collaboration and communication
  2. Resource planning
  3. Customer relationships management
  4. Document exchange
  5. Reporting
  6. Accounting and procurement
  7. Content management

Mobility management solutions

  1. Remote device management
  2. Remote application management
  3. Encrypted email exchange
  4. Enterprise messaging
  5. End-to-end data security
  6. IoT and wearables
  7. Location and geofencing

Top Reasons to Outsource Mobile Development to Softage

Outsourcing mobile development is a common practice among companies that don’t have the internal resources, time, or expertise to do so on their own. Hiring an experienced remote team for your project facilitates reaping the benefits of professional software development without having to build your own mobile department or infrastructure to get one off the ground. This approach can be particularly useful when planning a one-off project.

No in-house mobile team

You need an app developed for an upcoming service or software product but lack mobile developers to work on this project.

Insufficient team capacity

Your in-house team is fairly small and currently overrun by high-priority work for months to come. Hiring new people isn’t a viable option.

Incomplete target platform coverage

The current app only works on some of the target platforms and devices. You need to expand the list and add new device types.

Technology expertise mismatch

You realize your team doesn’t have the necessary mobile dev skills to build an app, especially when planning for a multi-platform release.

No matter your situation, Softage is here to help. From designing an eye-catching user interface to getting your app approved in the App Store or Play Market — we do all the heavy-lifting and build apps that both your employees and clients will love.

Our Mobile Development Stack

Softage skillfully applies the most trusted mobile technologies to deliver outstanding user experiences and automate complex business flows. Our mobile products boast rich functionality yet remain lightweight, fast, and easy to navigate.

Application types

Native iOS

Native Android




React Native




Programming languages





No two projects are 100% identical, and we are committed to implementing the most suitable combination of tools for each and every application we develop, taking into account its purpose, functionality, performance requirements, and all other relevant factors.

Why Сhoose Softage to Take Care of Your Mobile Development Needs?

We’ve been successfully designing and implementing enterprise solutions since day one. And we know what clients look for in great business tools while always careful to avoid common mistakes. Our experience and solid technical skills enable us to build mobile applications that display the look and feel of enterprise-grade software honed to perfection, perfectly tailored for maximum productivity and ease of use.

Here are just a few reasons for making Softage your mobile development partner:

  1. Impeccably professional team relying on mature, effective processes
  2. Comprehensive testing, from unit tests on the code level to UI and functional testing on multiple physical test devices
  3. Seamless integration with other enterprise solutions
  4. Focus on data security and application stability
  5. Assistance with publishing applications in app stores
  6. Competitive rates and flexible engagement models

Softage offers a unique blend of enterprise software expertise and mobile development skills for building applications that enrich and expand the functionality of large corporate systems.

Interested in learning more about enterprise mobility? We’d be happy to talk, listen to your needs, and share our ideas.

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