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Embarking on a digital transformation journey is a challenge for any organization. We know that parting with the old ways of doing business and embracing a new philosophy not only requires company-wide consensus and ambition to evolve, but also demands a great number of technical innovations to fuel this process. Softage has both the resources and talent to make that happen.

Our recipe for success

Softage has become the vendor of choice for numerous companies requiring outsourced software product development. We are a small, flexible, highly-effective group of IT professionals who have been in the market for 15+ years. One key factor to Softage’s success is our ability to work across a wide range of technologies, from the aging tech found in legacy systems, to the most innovative and scalable languages, frameworks, and platforms offering the lowest maintenance costs, both now and going forward.

  • 15+ years in the industry
  • Flexible teams
  • Broad technology stack
  • Cost-efficient maintenance

  • Optimal implementation scenarios
  • Expert advise on the tech tooling
  • Attention to timelines and budget
  • Transparency
  • Future-proof solutions

Rare, exceptional talent

We take pride in our team having some of the best software engineering talent available anywhere. With years of uninterrupted hands-on experience, our engineers are capable of identifying and optimizing implementation scenarios for any project, and picking the right tools to successfully execute each job for the client in a timely manner. 

For our customers, these skill sets and knowledge domains translate into shorter timelines, saved budgets, and process transparency, along with ease of support today, and seamless maintenance tomorrow.

Extensive Service Portfolio

We offer a complete range of software development services and can take on a project at any stage along the way—even those without documentation and a clear set of requirements. We always work closely with all stakeholders to produce detailed specifications, and use them to deliver software that effectively solves the customer’s business needs.

Software architecture design and development

Softage designs architectures that are ready to drive the future of your business, and implements them using the most appropriate modern front- and back-end frameworks. We deploy technologies that yield maximum performance, easily scale, and can be applied to integrations with external systems and services.

Technical support and maintenance

Our extensive experience in working across the spectrum of software systems and technologies makes us the perfect partner for long-term software support and maintenance. Our services help maintain the stability of the code base, apply security patches, refactor critical pieces of code, optimize performance, and implement other business-critical operations on an ongoing basis, all at a relatively low cost.

Testing and quality assurance

Testing is inherently important for meeting the quality and stability requirements in any software development project. At Softage, testing is performed at every stage of product development—from unit tests embedded into the code of the application, to full-scale manual and automated testing after each significant deployment. And if your firm only requires quality assurance at the moment, we’ve got you covered. Softage also offers QA as a separate service.

Re-engineering and migration

In addition to creating original applications from the ground up, we also re-engineer legacy software for modern platforms while preserving the original business logic and workflows, fully enhancing them to meet today’s standards. Thanks to our vast experience and long history, our full-stack team can handle the most complex legacy application migration and database migration projects.

Advantages of Working with Softage

Softage is a reliable partner for outsourced software product development. Comprised primarily of senior developers and software architects, our company leverages its many years of experience to make the delivery process easy to understand and follow, even for customers who are new to outsourcing software development outside of their organizations.


Experience is our greatest asset when it comes to quickly presenting deliverables to our customers. We know what it takes to deliver particular pieces of functionality, and use these insights to reduce time spent on research and analysis by using reliable third-party components or effectively architecting as needed. Team velocity is also maximized through meticulous planning and adherence to best practices in Agile.


Quality is in Softage’s DNA. Whichever product we are working on, we apply the same stringent quality assurance standards, running the code through multiple test iterations. We check for both functional and non-functional compliance within the customer’s defined framework and requirements, and can perform special types of testing depending on the needs and scope of a particular project.


We understand the significance of cost in today’s competitive market. Softage is committed to the success of our customers, and our rates depend primarily on the chosen engagement model and the duration of the project. We remain flexible and open to price negotiations at all times.

Proactive management

If this is your first time outsourcing software development, you are in good hands with Softage. We manage projects proactively, and let you know in advance if there is a risk of not meeting a deadline, exceeding budget, or not hitting a specific target. We do this while also offering options to mitigate risk, ensuring you always take the best course of action that’s right for you.

Getting Started with Your Project

If you have a particular project in mind, we’ll be happy to thoroughly discuss it, provide you with a free quote, and offer our recommendations. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to set up a call.

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