Your Dedicated Development Team

Your Dedicated Development Team

Most software development companies utilize three staples of engagement models: Fixed Price, Time and Materials, and a Dedicated Development Center, sometimes referred to as a Dedicated Development Team.

Each approach fits into its own application context and project goals. One of them, however, stands out by offering the optimal combination of cost-effectiveness, workload flexibility, and team stability: a Dedicated Development Center (DDC).

When to Choose DDC

Softage recommends using dedicated software developers for long-term projects demanding one or more of the following characteristics or requirements to ensure sustained growth:

  • There is a large initial knowledge transfer, which makes the team’s long-term stability a key priority

  • The project has a loosely defined end date and a constantly changing functional scope

  • You want to have a predictable monthly spending

  • You want full control over your remote team

  • The project is ongoing, or you plan to utilize the team for long-term support and maintenance of your projects

  • You need to dynamically reshuffle resources between work streams, keeping the entire team busy at all times

  • Tight cooperation with your in-house development team is required

  • The workload varies, and priorities often shift with it  

We’ve built and grown many such units before, and are perfectly positioned to help you build your very own team of dedicated Java developers or dedicated .NET developers within the shortest time possible, securing long-term operational effectiveness.

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers are immensely helpful, whether you have a massive project to tackle, or simply need to augment your own IT department with more resources or experts with skill sets that you currently lack internally.

Building such teams is an art form of its own, and at Softage we excel at this art. Here are just a few reasons to hire dedicated developers from an outsourcing partner like ours:

Less HR load

You leave the burden of finding, hiring, and onboarding personnel to the vendor and focus on what’s most important to you — getting the project delivered.


You have full flexibility in allocating the dedicated resource to any project or projects that require attention at the moment.


You enjoy the benefits of low attrition, high retention, and discounted rates for the dedicated team.

Fewer overheads

You don’t need to provide the new team members with workplaces, equipment, software licenses, a social package, and everything else required for their jobs.

Best professional fit

You get to pick the team members that will be working for you through CV reviews and one-on-one interviews.

Easy restaffing

You can change the team composition at any time to better meet your resource needs.

When hiring a development team from Softage, you’ll decide whether you want it managed or unmanaged. Whichever option you choose, we’ll ensure seamless alignment with your expectations, thereby optimizing speed, quality, and ease of communication.

Managed teams

A managed team comes with a project manager on the vendor’s side, one who supervises the team’s work while defining and managing the backlog. 

Unmanaged teams

An unmanaged team is meant to augment your own IT department and requires a product owner or project management on your end. 

Why Build Your Dedicated Development Center with Softage

Softage has years of experience setting up strong dedicated teams that have contributed a great deal to our customers’ continued success. Here are just a few examples of “The Softage Advantage”:

  1. We know how to build effective, close-knit teams that strike the perfect technical and social balance
  2. We know the local market and can ramp up the team quickly, and as needed 
  3. We have an established process of creating and managing DDCs (hiring, onboarding, resizing, replacing team members, optimizing the workload)
  4. We offer discounted rates on dedicated teams 
  5. We adapt to your best practices, guidelines, environment, and tools—and yet provide recommendations based on our extensive experience
  6. We adjust to your time zone to provide as much time overlap as possible
  7. We send you one aggregated invoice per month and take care of paying all the salaries and taxes on our end

At Softage, we know the drill. We’ll save your company time and money by taking full responsibility for bringing the team together and getting its members up to speed as quickly as possible.

First Step Toward Your Own Dedicated Center

Softage’s tech consultants are here to help you clarify your business pains, define your priorities, and get the ball rolling.

Please contact us via any available channel and our sales team will get back to you right away. We look forward to building a shared experience and ongoing relationship with you, providing the best possible dedicated team service for your company. 

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