Code Quality Audit and Refactoring Services

Code Quality Audit and Refactoring Services

Softage provides professional code analysis and refactoring services for the most popular languages and platforms, including Java and .NET. Our team has a proven track record of building and supporting complex enterprise solutions, and this experience makes us the perfect choice for projects involving software code quality analysis and deep code refactoring.






Code Refactoring Services from Softage

Though its primary function is to facilitate further development and maintenance of legacy code, refactoring can also reveal architectural flaws, inefficiencies, and other defects that make software less reliable, scalable, or secure than is required by today’s standards.

With code refactoring, Softage can improve non-functional aspects of an application’s source code: its readability, internal organization, compliance with programming guidelines, and more — all benefit from this process.

We run code audits when you need to assess the quality and security of your legacy applications, as well as for pilot projects delivered by previously unknown and untested vendors.

We explore existing vulnerabilities and, if necessary, carry out deep refactoring to comply with modern standards of security and interoperability.

We ensure that the software can be properly maintained, contains no security vulnerabilities, and meets both your corporate standards and industry-wide best practices.

In particular, we offer Java code refactoring and .NET code refactoring services to companies that want to bring their software in compliance with specific requirements, prepare for handing an application over to another party, or just make sure that the software is designed well and operates at optimal levels

Software Quality Assurance Check: Our Criteria

We at Softage know it’s impossible to strictly define “good” or “bad” code quality, as that determination often depends upon multiple factors. Yet we fully understand what makes well-written and efficient code, and will assess software against our own internal standards, taking into account the type of application in progress.

Our code quality check criteria include the following:
Good readability and ease of understanding
Design and naming consistency
Completeness of documentation

A properly executed source code quality check can reveal design and programming flaws that were overlooked by the original developers, their reviewers, or testers. If your enterprise application is written in Java, our team will help with line-by-line Java code quality analysis and will produce detailed recommendations on potential next steps. The same applies to all other languages and platforms that we support, such as .NET.

Advantages of Refactoring Legacy Code with Softage

Softage’s code refactoring services will analyze the overall architecture of your application and produce a detailed code audit report highlighting potential risks, design flaws, and proposed methods of fixing these defects.

For the duration of the project, our team’s aim will be to refactor every line, method, class, and module in your application to maximize the value of the following attributes:


an extremely important parameter reflecting how long the application can run without crashes and remain fully accessible to its users.


defines how easy it is for your own IT team or any external company to start effectively supporting the codebase and continue work as long as required.


indicates how easy it is to execute the code in different environments and replicate the functionality of the application for different systems and on different platforms.


shows whether code elements can be reused in other applications or parts of the same system. We will work to achieve code modularity and few internal dependencies to ensure high reusability.


defines how big of an effort is required to test a particular component or an entire system, and to what extent testing activities can be automated.


the parameter that shows how hard it is to gain access to personal data, inject malicious code, and hamper the normal operation of the software.

If your operation requires a top-tier code refactoring company, Softage is here for you. We are equally well-versed in all major languages and software development platforms, and we’lll be happy to assist you with all of your code quality assessment and refactoring needs. Please contact us using the form below and our sales representatives will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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