Your Go-To Quality Assurance Team

Your Go-To Quality Assurance Team

Quality assurance is one of the staples of the software engineering process; at Softage, we take this statement very seriously. Whether it’s part of delivering a turnkey solution or a comprehensive, dedicated QA service, you can count on us to deliver clean, stable, and reliable code.

  • 15+ years market experience
  • Diverse technology stack 
  • Lean, consistent QA process
  • Manual and automated testing

QA is in our engineering DNA

At Softage, we’ve been in business long enough to understand the indispensable role quality assurance plays in the software engineering process. We deliver fully-tested solutions that have been rigorously examined under different operational conditions and pose no risk to our clients’ businesses. From low-level unit tests to complex regression and integration testing — our dedicated QA team has it all covered.

On demand experts at your service

Strategically located in one of the country’s major scientific hubs, our R&D center takes advantage of the region’s rich academic heritage and a steady influx of talented university graduates. Their dedication and energy, combined with the experience of our senior experts, have helped us build close-knit, highly-effective, and professional QA teams that use the latest test automation frameworks and approaches to power quality assurance.

  • Access to a vast pool of IT talent
  • 80% of staff are senior-level QA specialists
  • Multiple certified team members 
  • Quick onboarding and ramp-up

How We Use QA to Insure Your Software Investments

We provide quality assurance as a service to protect businesses from multiple potential hazards: data loss and corruption, website outages, performance degradation, bad user experience, and other damaging factors that affect reputation and undermine sales. From a technical perspective, we also cover all methodologies, including manual and automated testing, while mitigating key business pains that stem from poor code quality and design flaws.

Suboptimal code structure and sluggish performance

Excessive, unoptimized code inevitably creates a drag on app performance. Combined with other factors, it may lead to unacceptably long reaction times, freezes, and system lock-ups. We help streamline the performance of your apps by running benchmarks, performing application profiling, identifying bottlenecks, and eventually refactoring the code as necessary to meet your performance requirements.

Hidden pitfalls leading to loss of revenue

A critical bug hidden below layers and layers of code can be a ticking time bomb for your business. Our experience in software testing helps reveal potentially dormant troublemakers long before they get a chance to wreak havoc. Using manual and automated tests for your software project helps check even the least-probable edge cases, ensuring your software won’t let you down when you need it most.

Reputation damage and user attrition

Low software quality and an unsatisfactory UX are both key contributors to attrition and customer churn. Once users start going away, so does your revenue. At Softage, we know how to perform in-depth analysis of your code quality and user experience without disrupting the work of any applications. Once done, we present an improvement plan with concrete steps geared toward bringing your users (and money) back.

Inconsistent quality from version to version

Rolling out new versions on a regular basis is important for both corporate and commercial software. However, when release cycles become shortened, quality and stability are almost inevitably affected. Our experience in multi-year test automation helps maintain code integrity throughout multiple releases, updates, and patches. In other words, we help you fix issues while ensuring new ones are not created.

Why Choosing Softage as Your QA Vendor is the Right Choice

Softage brings together a team of seasoned quality assurance experts and a wealth of software testing know-how, all acquired over the course of the company’s 15-year history. Our diverse QA experience enables maintaining a steady, seamless delivery process, validating our specifications with stakeholders, and managing their expectations with respect to all functional and nonfunctional requirements.

We scale and adapt quickly

Our open-mindedness and flexible management give us a significant edge when it comes to embracing new practices and transforming habitual patterns. With no mile-high organizational verticals, our agile capability works to our clients’ advantage. For example, we can quickly adjust the size of a team based on your current needs, ensuring optimal monthly spending and an evenly distributed workload for all team members.

We offer competitive rates

With Softage, you’ll pay considerably lower rates than by contracting with a local vendor, thanks to the location of our service delivery center. Substantial savings will also occur on large-scale QA projects involving multiple team members and complex activities. With reduced overhead on our end, you get more “bang for the buck,” and the added feasibility to test your projects at different levels.

We never cease improving

Most of our QA specialists hold professional certifications and are following an active career development path. We believe in the power of continuous education and strongly encourage our employees to take online courses and visit relevant industrial events, all in the service of better applying their knowledge of innovative software testing to our clients’ projects. No matter how complex your QA needs are, Softage has you covered!

We bring you top IT talent

The majority of our employees are senior experts in software development and testing, holding master’s degrees from leading technical universities. We are proud to have created a thriving work environment and a friendly, productive atmosphere that mitigates attrition and fosters personal development. What this means for you, as our valued client, is better team stability, full commitment to your project, and a consistently higher quality of deliverables

Getting Started With Your QA Project

Ready to discuss your quality assurance needs? Let’s talk! We will not only be able to thoroughly test your application but also advise you on the optimal method of stabilizing your code and adding automated testing to your delivery process. Contact us today to discuss all your QA needs.

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