Case Study Info

Why We Provide Case Studies

Softage LLC puts a premium on honest communication with our clients, and this is a good place to do a little of that sort of communication:


The truth is, anyone can claim they can do anything.


Potential is great, no question, but what you really need to know is not what someone says they can do, or even what they have to the potential to do, but what they have done. Subcontracting software development is a major allocation of both trust and resources. You need to know you’ll get what you’ve paid for, when you need it. So we’ve collected some of our past work in various industries together here, describing the challenges we faced and the solutions we created.


Keep in mind, as you read through our list, that these aren’t ideas, they aren’t works in progress; these are finished projects and products, out there in the real world, today, doing what they were built to do.


That what Softage offers you: A proven history of reliability, real world accomplishment, and verifiable results. While each of these case studies tackles a different, and usually complex, task, all of them have a few things in common:

  • Our dedication to results.
  • Our deep knowledge of programming and design.
  • Our demand for quality.
  • Our pride and our professionalism.

So, let’s stop talking about what we can do, and let’s take a look at . . . What We’ve Done: Case Studies.