Case Study Info

Web-based Recruiting Solution


Our customer represents an education center specializing in recruiting native English speakers to teach English in Japan. Even though the customer already has a web site, job applicants need to use conventional mail to send all required information requisite to an application. With international offices located in Japan, US, Europe and Australia such procedure is very inefficient and complex. Our customer asks us for a working web-based recruiting system.

Solution Overview

Softage carefully approaches development of a new website, from the ground up. The site not only features a new attractive design and user-friendly interface, but also a range of new functions. Using the Softage solution, applicants fill in their personal information online, to be saved and stored in a central database. The communication process between the educational center and applicants is now far more efficient. The solution speeds up the international decision-making process and the whole operation is rendered more cost-effective.


Flash, XML, MS SQL, ASP, Mac OS.