Case Study Info

WAP Stack

The Challenge

Our customer needs a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in C++. We need to be certain of WAP2 compliance,  and we want to extend to other platforms, if possible. The customer has access to all of the well-documented APIs, which gives us a certain amount of flexibility.

Solution Overview

The software we develope is a library that includes 100% WAP2-compliant implementation of WAP Protocol Stack (WPS). The WAP Stack is a session-level stack for remote operations between terminal client and WAP gateway (proxy). It is primarily developed for Win32 platform, and then extended to Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms.

It implements the following protocols:

  • WSP (Wireless Session Protocol)
  • WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol)
  • WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security)
  • WP-HTTP (Wireless Profiled HTTP)

The stack is written entirely in C/C++, and can support any number of sessions through different gateways simultaneously.

Our customer is successfully using our product in one of the most popular WAP browsers. Our product is also chosen by a large US corporation out of six WAP stack implementations as the most compliant to their requirements. One of the leading global corporations providing mobile products and technologies is also showing interest in our product. They are currently negotiating with our customer, rewriting the library in pure C.

Today the WAP Stack is available for wide range of embedded platforms including Win32, WinCE 2.0 РWinCE 5.0, Linux, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris.


C/C++, Socket API, UDP/IP, TLS/SSL


Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0, Microsoft eMbedded C++, GCC 3.2, HP-UX aCC,SUN WSPro CC