Case Study Info

Traffic Control System

The Challenge

Our customer needs a software system allowing automated road traffic monitoring and facilitating finding stolen cars. The system is requested by the police department of a European Union country. An ideal solution would support a large network of video cameras installed across the country.

Solution Overview

According to the customer’s specifications, Softage develops an automated traffic control system which allows:

  • MPEG4 video encoding from a camera.
  • Storing of encoded video on a hard drive.
  • Broadcasting and playback of encoded and stored video.
  • Transmitting of recognized license plate numbers inside the media stream.
  • Transmitting of a sound alarm when the number belonging to a stolen car is recognized.
  • Updating of the archive of stolen cars.
  • Downloading of all license plate numbers recognized by the plate recognition software.
  • Searching for data by date and time.

A web-based application is also designed consisting of the following:

  • Thumbnail views of all cameras installed.
  • Camera image page supports clicking on a thumbnail to display an image from the camera.
  • On the camera image page an operator can explore a number of preset camera positions or move the camera manually in a desired direction. Zoom-in and zoom-out functions are supported.

Tools and technologies

Microsoft Media Encoder 7 SDK, Borland C++ 5, MSVC6, ATL, ActiveX, DCOM