Case Study Info

Terminals Firmware

The Challenge

Depo Computers, the leading original computer equipment manufacturer in Russia, needs a software provider to work with their new product, Depo Sky 252F Terminals. Terminals are targeted to automate employee workplaces and proposed to be used by a range of companies, not only small business but also enterprise companies, finance, and state organizations.

Solution Overview

Specialists at Softage develop a firmware for Customer’s Depo Sky 252F Terminals based on Windows CE 6.0 R3 operating system.

The software installed on Depo Sky terminal DOM can also be used by remote access.

Core Software Modules

  • An operating system Kernel.
  • A set of drivers for equipment support.
  • The software protection program to avoid unapproved copying.
  • User Access Control, supporting administrative and unprivileged user’s roles.
  • A graphical user interface.
  • RDP and ICA (Citrix) clients for server remote access.
  • A web browser for an independent internet surfing media player.
  • Administrative utilities for system management.
  • A program of terminal initial adjustment.
  • Locally connected terminal and remote printers support.

Tools and technologies

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Platform Builder