Case Study Info

Lecturer Feedback System

The Challenge

ASTD, the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, needs a solution providing a method for potential conference attendees to ask questions and provide feedback to speakers facilitating sessions at ASTD TechKnowledge® 2009.

Solution Overview

Softage specialists mak enhancement of the ASTD Membership Directory and utilize similar functionality for the Speaker Feedback system. Speakers Bureau, a system for training and making the session organization process easier, allows to users download information about speakers into a database from an Excel file, search candidates, and send them messages.

Main features

  • The lecturer feedback system, a hidden CMS system, linked with conference page.
  • A search system for candidates.
  • The lecturer feedback form, which allows attendees to send feedback to speakers.
  • An e-mail notification system.
  • The dedicated speakers and session database.

Tools and technologies

  • AJAX
  • AJAX Control Toolkit
  • MSSQL 2005