Case Study Info

Project Management Solution

The Challenge

A Softage team is tasked with implementing a project management system for employees, which supports task assignments with due dates and automatic reminders. The system must be flexible enough to be used on a wide variety of projects and team sizes.

Solution Overview

The team delivers a handy solution, assisting employees to manage projects quickly, efficiently, and on time through assigning responsibilities and due dates with automatic reminders. The system is flexible enough to manage all kinds of the organization’s daily tasks and continuously track project task performance.

Main Features

  • Project implementation planning and control (Add, Delete, Complete, Reassign a Task/Project).
  • Project staffing planning and control (Add, Delete, Assign, Reassign Team Members).
  • Ongoing project reporting (View Task Summary, Open Tasks, Assigned Tasks).
  • Automatic notifications for pending tasks.
  • The system is kept simple to ensure that the focus is on managing projects, not on learning a new software system.


Delphi, MS SQL Server