Case Study Info

Personnel Time Planning

The Challenge

Softage needs an in-house solution for busy employees and managers to help track and control travelling and location info for are many international teams.

Solution Overview

The personnel time planning tool is an application that is used to convey the travel schedules of employees. This is used to indicate where they might be in any given week. Employees or employees’ administrative assistants have ability to view/update employees’ travel information at any time. Personnel time planning tool users can filter employees by office, department, sort by name, department and view/add the schedule information as far in the future as they would like.

Front-end Features

  • View/check employee’s travel/out-office schedule.
  • Sort/filter schedules by employee’s office, department.
  • Finds or adds record in schedule as far in the future as you would like.
  • Generates reports.
  • Provides ability to Administrative Assistants manage their scheduling groups.
  • Provides transparent authentication of Windows users.

Back-end Features

  • Manage users and their rights.
  • Manage office locations, contact info, notes, GMT offsets.
  • Manage scheduling groups.
  • Assign Administrative Assistant to scheduling groups.

Tools and technologies

C#.NET, Microsoft.NET platform, MS SQL Server 2000