Case Study Info

Performance and Quality Appraisal Tool

The Challenge

Our team must create a fully-featured system for tracking and evaluating feedbacks between managers, project leads, team members, and clients.

Solution Overview

The Performance and Quality Appraisal Tool (PQAT) is a Web-based tool used by a Control Group to solicit feedback from Managers on the Employee’s performance for a particular Client, supported by the Employee. This is used as a basis for providing a performance and a quality appraisal for the Employee.

Main Features

The application recognizes the user (Reviewer) that is logging into the application, and filters the Clients listing accordingly. The Reviewer is prompted to answer a number of questions. The questions and possible answers (if appropriate) are configurable in the application configuration file. Upon completion of the form, user clicks the “Submit” button and the results of the survey is sent in a text only email to the Manager of an Employee assigned for the Client.

Tools and technologies

C#.NET, MS SQL 2000