Case Study Info

Peer to Peer Media Streaming Solution

The Challenge

Softage is tasked with creating a full-featured P2P audio and visual streaming service which can work between multiple user devices.

Solution Overview

iRoam, a Peer to Peer (P2P) media streaming solution is a software developed for streaming audio and video files from one computer to another, for example from a home PC to a work PC. To do this the user need just install the system at home, turn on the media player in a browser at the work computer and listen to the music. Downloading this software is free, then it works like service with per minute payments. Potentially, the system will run on any smart phone with flash player installed on it.

In addition our specialists develop a satellite website with an admin section and original per-minute billing system.

Main Features

The system consists of two elements:

Registration Server Website (RSW): This is the main iRoam website and also supports the registration, administration, and billing functions of the iRoam systems.

Web-Based Media Player (WMP): This is a music player, which is developed as a true thin client and looks similar to the iTunes music player.

The RSW Provides:

  • Registration services for new customers.
  • Dashboard/portal for existing customers.
  • Authentication for WSS on existing customers workstations.
  • Activation portal for the WMP.
  • Authentication for WMP invocations.
  • Integration with SMS Connect (SMC) for fee collection.
  • Download portal for initial and updated installation of WSS.
  • Email services for registration and song sharing.
  • Maintains users play list information.

The WMP Povides:

  • It establish a P2P connection with the WSS
  • The WMP uses the services of a P2P Client Driver (PCD) to establish the P2P connection
  • The PCD is a component that can be dynamically loaded


RSW: Apache, MySQL, SMSCONNECT interface, SOAP

WMP: Flash

Extra features

  • MP4 Files Support
  • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Party Support

Tools and Techonologies

Web-server, web-client part: PHP, MySQL, Flash

C — Server part: C/C++ with using the following libraries — GeolP, zlib

C — Client part: C/C++ with using the following libraries — ffmpeg, iTunesSDK, libdlna, libupnp, zlib