Case Study Info

Online Testing System

The Challenge

Creating an online testing system for educational market that allows testing a large number of students at once. It is important that the system administrator is able to manage all the settings of the system. Specifically, they need control over the number of students, lists of questions, access to the system, test results, test time, etc. All of the system’s capabilities must be extensible and modifiable according to customer’s needs.

Solution Overview

Softage leaps at the task, and delivers a solution with:

  • A user-friendly interface.
  • The possibility to increase number of features and users.
  • An easily customized base template.
  • An integrated E-mail notification system.
  • Easy data management for admins and proctors.
  • Support for the embedding withing the tests of tasks maps, flash animations, images, and video files.
  • Comprehensive control of system options for the administrator.

The following reports are available in the system:

  • The list of the most successful submissions (The Top 10 of the best student’s results).
  • The rating of all applicants.
  • The list of all tests of definite users.
  • Detailed results of each applicant’s test.