Case Study Info

Online Casino

The Challenge

Our customer needs a software product to address needs of internet gaming operators.

Solution Overview

Softage assigns a team which, in cooperation with the customer, design and implement the solution.

Online Casino is a complete software application designed specifically for licensed gaming operators. Its main purpose is to provide a modern gaming experience to casino players in the comfort of their home, through broadcasted live casino games, secured payment solutions, with automated administration and monitoring of the whole business operation.

Online Casino is composed of different sub-systems; each corresponds to the needs of the different system users (punters, affiliates, operators, and administrators). These sub-systems work simultaneously with one another to provide real-time, reliable data.


  • Axis-1.4 – library for SOAP \ WSDL \ Web Services flashremoting. This component connects Java with Flash.
  • Hibernate-3.2 – this component works with persistent layer.
  • Jasperreports-1.2.5 – reporting engine.
  • Jcaptcha-1.0-RC3 – bots checking technology.
  • Quartz-1.5.2 is a timer responsible for scheduling.
  • Spring-framework-1.2.6. Components for web, email and persistent layer were used.
  • Struts-1.2.9 – web engine.
  • Java Persistent API – technology that works with persistent layer.

Tools and technologies

Java 5 – JDK 1.5