Case Study Info

NFC based City Information guide solution

The Challenge

Our customer, a prominent European software development company specializing on NFC/RFID solutions, Red Solution Finland Oy, received a request to develop a comprehensive City Information Guide solution for their region. In order to provide tourists and traveling businessmen with accurate information about the region, local businesses, and official institutions, local administration decided to set up Smart Map points containing NFC tags with corresponding information at certain locationss in the city. Red Solution contacts Softage as a subcontractor for programming part of the solution due to Softage’s recognized expertise in NFC solutions programming.

Solution Overview

Experts of Softage quickly develop the required NFC solution. The whole system includes a server with database, Smart Posters with NFC tags, a web interface for system administration, and a dedicated client section powered by J2ME MIDlets which will be installed on users’ NFC enabled mobile phones.

The tags can be configured through the web interface. So, after tapping an NFC phone near a Smart Poster, which contains about 20 tags (such as restaurants, banks, hotels, and shopping centers), the MIDlet auto-launches and displays the data with asociated options, such as language selection (it is a multi-language system), about us, and so on. Once the language is selected, the MIDlet shows all the businesses in that area. Once a particular business is selected, it shows the contact information and the “about us”. In the contact information “getting there” instructions are provided. When “How to get there!” is selected, it shows locations on a map (the current user’s location and the selected place). A static Google Maps API is used to create the guide maps themselves.

The MIDlet is developed for Nokia 6131 and Nokia 6212 NFC enabled phones.



J2ME MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1
JSR-257 – Near Field Communication (NFC)


Java, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring, Google Web Toolkit, GXT