Case Study Info

Multipoint Videoconferencing System

The Challenge

Creating an advanced multipoint videoconferencing solution enabling remote sites to participate in a live conference with audio, video, and document sharing.

Solution Overview

The solution is delivered using an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) and Softage’s proprietary H.263 video codec. A convenient user interface and well-planned navigation make the system a perfect choice for mass videoconferencing participants.

Main Features

  • Decentralized multipoint videoconferencing.
  • Multiple video connections can be set up simultaneously.
  • Dynamic adaptation for video quality ensures constant bandwidth.
  • Terminal software is Open H.323 library-based.
  • Collaborative applications (whiteboard, file transfer, application sharing) are T.120 based.

Video/ Audio Features

  • Stable video/audio encoding performance.
  • Any number of videoconference participants.
  • Audio can be transmitted to all conference participants concurrently.
  • Noise suppression, echo cancellation.


C/C++, Communication Protocols (H.323, T.120), Multimedia Compression (H.263, G.711)