Case Study Info

MMS Client


The Challenge

Softage, in partnership with Winwap Technologies Oy, Finland, seeks to create MMS Client Software based on the existing WAP communications and MMS tech we developed in the past.

Solution Overview

The MMS Client developed by Softage’s mobile applications team supports most operating systems and platforms including Windows PC, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, LARENA, and BREW. The application is a full MMS client, providing functionality for composing, reading, sending, and retrieving MMS messages. Further effort is put into developing an MMS client editor, making it easy to edit MMS messages within the client.

The application is capable of using most transport protocols, including WAP(WSP/WTP, WP-HTTP), to send/retrieve the messages. The MMS client exists as a Software Development Kit (SDK) and as an OEM product. Any device manufacturer that wishes to add MMS functionality to their devices can implement the MMS Client software on their device to provide Multimedia Messaging capabilities to the users. MMS Client editor makes it easy to edit MMS messages (Win32 version).


C/C++, UDP/IP, TLS/SSL, XML, CSS, 3GPP, Microsoft .NET, ActiveX, UML


Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, GNU GCC 2.95-4.1, Compuware BoundsChecker, Intel VTune Performance Analyze, Call Graph Execution Profiler