Case Study Info

Medical Digital Imaging Management System

The Challenge

One of our long-term European customers, a leading provider of medical technology and state-of-the-art medical devices, needs a unique application allowing multiple medical departments to better handle the various images and films associated with medical imaging.

Solution Overview

The medical digital imaging management system is in essence a solution aimed at medical institutes, such as hospitals, medical centers, etc. It runs within the local network of the medical institute. It provides image storage services on the one hand and tools to view the store images on the other. The goal of the Medical digital imaging management system is to provide a “one for all” system to handle the various images and films captured throughout the medical institute. The system is designed as Windows service and is capable to process DICOM compliant files.

Main Features

  • Viewing of the stored images whenever and wherever it is required even outside the local network (e.g. via internet).
  • Flexible connectivity enables various systems within the medical institute to send different types of images and films for storage.
  • Existing IT infrastructure is used to facilitate storage of the images and/or films and viewing or the stored images and/or films.
  • The system provides services to receive DICOM files from various systems within the network and to upload the received DICOM files to the database.
  • The function of the DICOM gateway is to act as an intermediate agent between DICOM sources (i.e. clients where DICOM files originated from) and the database.
  • DICOM sources connect to the component of the gateway that will handle the receipt of the DICOM files by placing them in a queue to be uploaded into the database.
  • Another component of the gateway use this queue as input to upload the DICOM file to the database.
  • The medical images can then be assessed /reviewed by the responsible physician via the web application from any workstation within the network.

Tools & Technologies

C#, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, DICOM, LeadTools library, MS SQL 2005 database