Case Study Info

iPhone App for a Mobile Game

The Challenge

Our customer, a European company, needs to develop an iPhone application that lets users create new players for an iPhone game and post their names to their Facebook wall.

Solution Overview

This is a demo project which creates new players for an iPhone game. The app is integrated with Facebook so users can log into his existing Facebook account directly from the app and get profile data (name, age, user picture, for example). When the user creates a new player in the game, the player’s name is posted to his wall. Also, the user can leave comments on his wall about game impressions from the ThinkTank app. This demo also features background image animation, background music, and audio effects.

Main features

  • Creation of new players for iPhone game.
  • Posting to Facebook.
  • Background animation, music and audio effects.

Tools & Technologies

  • iPhone SDK 3.0
  • XCode
  • FBConnect
  • Apple Push Notifications
  • AVFoundation framework