Case Study Info

iNameDays application

The Challenge

Celebrating name days is a big thing in some countries. That’s why the idea of creating the NameDays application appeared. This application will helpĀ the user to remember family, friends’ and colleagues’ name days.

iNameDays is a result of joint development of Softage LLC and Kalmstrom solutions.

Solution Overview

The application gives the ability of adding or subscribing to name days in the existing calendar. Selected name days will be simply added to the calendar, where the user already has other important information. It contains a set of calendars in ICS format for different countries, supporting fifteen languages.

It can be used with Outlook, Google Calendar and iCalon MacOS.

iNameDays is a special NameDays for iOS. It automates the subscribing process and makes it pleasant. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Tools & Technologies

Xcode, Interface Builder, Obj-C, Cocoa Touch, XML, iOS SDK