Case Study Info

House Management System

The Challenge

Softage needs to create a house management system designed specifically for house management organizations. A system allowing efficient and productive organization of all kinds of buildings and territories, from a medium-size buildings to large complexes. The gaol is to save time and expense, while providing a comfortable workflow and safe environment.

Solution Overview

Not only does Softage succeed in meeting our original goals, but our house management system provides an opportunity for a management company to post a project with the requirements and find the best provider of any goods or services they need.

Service providers can log into the system, place the bid, and post any documentation related to the job quickly and easily.

Softage’s system atomizes all documenting processes, containing them in a full database of necessary documents templates, downloadable by any service provider and posted as a filled copy back into the system. This dramatically reduces the turnaround time for finding, composing, and signing all documents, and allows prompt starts to projects.

After awarding the job, the management company can control project’s development processes within a custom tracking system. Softage’s system also allows getting reports for completed and planned work in any specified time period.

Besides the document database the system includes a global company facilities database. The company has the ability to collect, modify, and fill the information about its properties within the database.

The system includes the following modules:

  • Projects management modules
  • Facilities management system
  • Workflow automatization module
  • Events and processes planning tool

Technical Details

House management system is implemented with mojoPortal as a basic CMS. It is a highly scalable web platform for building business solutions with numerous of ready modules and features potentially useful for further system development. Several mojoPortal features are used almost without change, like the administration and other system user roles. Other features, like the project management tool, work tracking tool, and document database were customized.

Tools and technologies

mojoPortal, .Net