Case Study Info

Facility Management System

The Challenge

One of Softage’s German customers, a leading sport equipment provider, needs an effective online facility management system. They want it to help their clients not only buy and use sport equipment effectively, but find suitable sport grounds, sport classes, training programs, and everything else, to help all sports-lovers. The system must also be useful for sport services and product providers.

Solution Overview

As a result to satisfy all customer’s needs the specialists of Softage create Web portal: is a web portal where visitors can search for sports grounds, trainers, or sports classes in cities of their choice. If one of the search results fulfills the visitor’s needs he or she can book the place, trainer, or class via the portal. For sports facilities providers (and trainers) the portal offers tools to organize and manage their offers and overlook their bookings.

Easysport is for:

  • Interested sport users to overview the sports activities in their surrounding area.
  • Finding and booking sport activities round-the-clock online.
  • An online marketplace where sports suppliers and sports enthusiast unite.
  • An innovative online distribution channel for sports trainers and suppliers.

Main Features

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Search engine
  • Administrator and User Role Support
  • Google Map Integration
  • Sports Facility Database.

Tools & Technologies

PostgreSQL 8.1.17, JSDK 6, JEE 5, Glassfish Application Server 2.1, JSF Implementation 1.2, EJB 3.0, Toplink Essentials 2.1.1, Maven 2.2