Case Study Info


The Challenge

Our customer needs an embedded tool for a mobile phone. After careful study of the market, the customer has selects Softage as development partner due to our proven expertise in embedded systems development.

The goal of the project is to implement a system-level component compliant to ESMP standard with a very light limit on the size of the code and the runtime memory.

Solution Overview

Softage, working in a short time-frame, develops a solution to satisfy these requirements. The solution consists of a core engine and a set of libraries, integrated with micro browser.

The component is designed as a library, which is controlled by micro browser. The browser callsĀ ESMP exported programming interfaces to activate the ESMP and control its behaviors. In an effort to increase the speed of the code, some time consuming functions are designed as asynchronous functions, so that target device is not hanging while it waits for those processes to complete.

The target platform is Embedded Linux.