Case Study Info

Electronic Data Processing System

The Challenge

To create a complete enterprise-wide solution that automates all major business processes and unifies workflow across distributed offices. The system serves as a highly reliable and secure communication channel between the headquarters, offices, partners and clients.

Solution Overview

Like the office structure it mirrors and maps, this software has a lot of moving pieces, and it’s important that as many as possible happen in the background, with minimal management input.

Core Solution Modules

  • Client database with personal and contact information
  • Client investment accounts database
  • Operations workflow
  • Stock market reports/analysis
  • Stock data archive
  • On-line data replication subsystem
  • Documents archive

Additional System Features

  • Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning subsystem.
  • Embedded Web browser with advanced security management.
  • Multiple custom communication tools: Video conferencing, On-line chat, FTP client.


  • Electronic data processing system handles thousands of users, gigabytes of data.
  • Secure and effective communication tool between company offices, partners and clients.
  • Optimized workflow reduces operating costs.

Tools & Technologies

H.323 Gatekeeper, video codec H.263; MPEG3, MPEG4.
Windows 98/NT/2000, CORBA, Oracle 8, VCL, Delphi 7, Borland C/C++, MS VisualStudio C++