Case Study Info

Display Calibration Software

The Challenge

Our customer, a world leader in innovative technology solutions for color management and color science technology, needs help with the development of their new display calibration product for Professional Photographers and Studios. Softage develops a user interface for the latest version of the product. The system itself is designed for photography work and allows photographers to create profiles to user’s specifications and add a new level of color control to the existing product. For this solution we chose, the RealBasic programming language, is mostly targeted on Mac users, a market to which graphic design and photography professionals skew for technical reason, although it is supported on Windows and Linux.

Main Features

  • Intelligent Ambient Light Control
  • Unlimited Calibration Targets
  • Custom Black and White Luminance Control
  • New Calibration OptionNew Expert Console
  • New Display AssistantStudio Match Assistant
  • New Support for Next Generation Displays
  • New Display History Utility
  • Front Projector Calibration Option
  • New Native Gamma Calibration Option
  • On Screen Spot Color Measurement
  • New Cross-platform compatibility

Tools & Technologies

RealBasic, RealBasic 2009 IDE