Case Study Info

Digital Video Recording System

The Challenge

Softage is tasked with building the underlying software for a video recording security system. This requires a solution supporting real-time video recording, naturally, but also a playback option for recorded video, and a motion detection system for convenience.

Solution Overview

The solution is the next generation of the Digital Video Recording systems. Our experts labor to make certain our product can compete with any similar software on the market, and do its job reliably. Security is serious business, and what would be a minor glitch or problem in most software becomes an overwhelming flaw in a security system. For that reason, our team depends on our in-house QA, and workflow systems. Everything is rigorously tested and the final product rolls out with a series of great reliable features.

Main Features

Motion Detection. To prevent false alarms, the system starts video recording only after the motion detection triggers. Motion detection sensitivity level is custom-defined by the system users.

MMS Capabilities. The system produces multiple alarm signals, including transmitting alarm signals to mobile phones as MMS notifications.

High Scalability. The system handles the data collection from up to 16 cameras. The video recording system can easily be scaled to coordinate a larger number of cameras upon customer demand.

Multiple Recording Modes. The video recording method is set by a software operator, with options ranging from continuous recording to recording on motion, on alarm or on custom schedule. Different cameras can work independently in different recording modes.

Effective video compression. By compressing video into MPEG format, a customer still receives high quality image, while saving up to 70% of disc space over alternative methods.

Advanced Search Capabilities. Log video files can be searched by:

  • Time: Date and time of day.
  • Camera: Single camera or all cameras
  • Recording Option: Motion detection or alarm signal.