Case Study Info

Cross-platform Social Networking Solution

The Challenge

What Softage needs to create¬†is a “friends” network. The system will need to be full-featured out of the box, which creates significant demands on the system. There will be internal email messages and built-in IM that connect system users (Buddies). “Outside” email and the ability to interface with other IM clients will be added as “extra services” for system users, so that one application can be used for all communication, within a “trusted” network and with the “outside world”. The trusted contacts form the Buddy List. Everything a user is doing in the system is stored in a ¬†Filing Cabinet.

Solution Overview

When the solution is constructed, it is decided that those within the buddy network of a user may see shared files and folders, watch video clips, without downloading them, using QuickTime player. Inside the chat interface users may simply send voice messages instead of text ones if they prefer. The emailing functionality works as communicating tool inside the buddy network and outside it, using external email providers by POP3 or IMAP protocols.

A great deal of thought and care is put into making sure the user interface is intuitive and handy.

A significant amount of potential customers are using Mac and Linux.

Real Basic was selected by Softage as a development tool to satisfy cross-platform requirements. As a result, the application works fine on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Main Features

  • Secure chat
  • Voice messaging
  • Email system supporting video files
  • Video streaming
  • Application sharing
  • Secure authorized file sharing
  • Photo albums organizing
  • Screenshots processing


Tools & Technologies

Real Basic 2005, Valentina, Mac OS X.