Case Study Info

Cross-platform Desktop Proxy

The Challenge

Our customer, a prominent Internet marketing agency, needs to develop a cross-platform proxy running on a local computer between the browser and internet. The proxy monitor software should permit one to modify packets on the fly.


Softage assigns specialists to the task, and they design a system which works as a proxy, as the client wants, unobtrusively smoothing the workflow.

Main Features

  • Captures TCP and HTTP/HTTPS (1.0 and 1.1) client request & server response packet.
  • Provides a “hook” method to filter and process the packets via a customizable extension.
  • Multi-platform Mac/PC support.
  • Fully multithreaded, request and related response handled within the same thread.
  • Runnable as a background process (PC Service).
  • Configurable to set port and IP addresses.

Key Advantages

  • Cross-Browser/Platform Compatibility: The Desktop Proxy is an independent program that does not rely on the browser type.
  • Background Operation: Operates as a service so as to eliminate unnecessary desktop clutter.
  • Data Recording:¬†Comprehensive in scope, the proxy is a bridge between the user’s PC and the internet and is able to monitor the data stream and capture items of interest. This includes not only browser activity, but any other communications such as e-mail, chat rooms, ftp, upload and download activity, and any other application that transmits data over the internet.
  • Better Than Toolbars:¬†Toolbars are able to capture only a subset of all communication activity occurring between the browser and the internet. The Proxy fills in this gap.

Tools & Technologies

  • C++
  • Windows XP-Vista-7
  • Mac OS X