Software Quality Health Check

What is it?

Softage is specializing in custom software development since the year of 2003 and working on various and mostly complex projects with different Clients who use different technologies, approaches, and tools. This allowed Softage to built a solid experience and knowledge in software development including not only technologies but processes, approaches and toolsets as well.

Having this as a background we are offering a rare service – Software Quality Health Check. This is not about testing software as it runs. Instead, this is about analyzing the architecture and the source code quality.

Who should consider this service?

If you own the code, meaning either it was developed in-house or outsourced to the custom software development Companies and you are not happy with the quality of the product – it’s slow, unstable, un-scalable, hard and costly to maintain or do changes/improvements – you should consider performing an audit of the code.

How does this work?

After initial communication with one of our team members if you get interested we first sign an Agreement that includes non-disclosure section. We always make sure your code is secured.

Then the code or part of the code you think is most critical is given to us along with any supporting documentation you may have. If you don’t have docs – it’s not a big problem the code itself is the best document. However sharing documentation should speed-up the process.

Our most qualified software architects in corresponding technology and industry will build an Architecture model from your code. First we analyze this model and give the recommendation on architectural changes if something is wrong with it. The implementation may be on a very high level but if there some issues with the architecture – the product will not work well or it will be hard to maintain.

The next step is to analyze the source code using our experience and the specific tools. The analysis is performed against the best programming practices and includes such metrics as style, exception handling, documentation, duplication, dodgy constructions and others

What is the result?

The result is a Report with the following sections:


  1. An overview of the current state of the software health with general recommendations on what changes are critical (if any) and what are good-to-have.
  2. A deeper overview of the current Architecture with short brief on the recommended changes (if any)
  3. A deeper overview of the current source code quality and short brief on the recommended changes (if any)


  1. Detailed review of the issues with the current Architecture
  2. Detailed recommendations on the Architecture changes
  3. Detailed review of the issues with the current source code
  4. Detailed recommendations on the source code changes

Separately we can also include or prepare later time and cost estimate on fixes of those issues that are critical and those that after Report review you think have to be implemented


Please contact us for the related case studies.


Download this page as PDF: Softage-Software-Quality-Health-Check-Service