Financial Software Development

Financial Software Development

Finance is one of the most active sectors in technology today. This industry is no longer conservative, with the extremely costly margin for error if mistakes are made. Now, financial companies are betting on disruptive business models and innovative technologies to attract their customers, generate extra revenue, and stay competitive. Softage is a trusted technology supplier, providing strategic solutions for banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies worldwide.

Our Banking Software and Fintech Solutions

Our customers are banks, investment and insurance companies, funds, trusts, microfinance services, and fintech operations looking to accelerate their digital transformation or launch new, technology-centric services. These companies need to address their operational and customer-related challenges, and this is where Softage comes in:

  • Comprehensive business process automation

  • Integration with third-party online services

  • Cloud and mobile transformation of enterprise services

  • Better access to financial products and services

  • Easy, direct, and global customer communications

  • New sales channels and disintermediation

We translate these needs and challenges into custom fintech software in close collaboration with our clients:

Digital wallets

Accounting software

Insurance software

Risk and project management tools

Mobile banking apps

Trading apps and platforms

Our Delivery Process: Transparent and Predictable

Our scope of financial app development covers each stage of building a highly-functional software product. Our team is qualified to join your project at any step along the way, promptly get up to speed, and start producing deliverables immediately.

Your Knowledgeable Partner in Fintech

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of banking and fintech product development, our customers enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Complete understanding of the financial sector
  2. Expert consulting on the most suitable web and mobile
  3. Fast and effective business analysis 
  4. Immediate response to all change requests, implemented with a straightforward change management process
  5. Regulatory compliance at all times 
  6. Quality assurance in line with major international standards (ISO-9001, CMMI Level 3)
  7. Quick turnover following accurate estimates, shortening time-to-market 

Why Develop with Softage

Long-standing expertise

We have been at the forefront of enterprise software development for over 15 years, a big portion of which we spent developing fintech software for major national organizations. This helped us gain impressive experience in building reliable and scalable solutions meeting the highest security and performance standards. 

Mature team

Softage is a group of like-minded professionals brought together by a passion for software development and a drive to build high-quality products for the global market. Most of our top engineering talents have been with us for over a decade and are deeply familiar with our processes and best practices.

Top-class certifications

We encourage our employees to use every opportunity to grow professionally, which is why most of them hold professional certificates from Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Brainbench, and other certification authorities.

Established processes

With Softage, you can be 100% confident in the maturity of the production process and our ability to maintain a steady flow of delivery as the product comes to fruition.

Like Agile but better

We are well-versed in Scrum and other Agile frameworks, but offer a great deal of our own know-how, effectively complementing them while yielding superior results. We reinforce this by maintaining effective daily communication with our clients to virtually bridge our locations.

Small yet flexible

Being a small company, we offer a level of flexibility that is often unattainable through larger vendors. As a rule, we don’t have to wait for resources to be allocated to your project, as it would be the case with large corporations—we know exactly who is available and are confident about the potential start date. This sets us apart and makes us a great partner for startups and companies making their first steps in outsourcing software development. 

Getting Started

We’ll be happy to help you with your project. Please contact us and share some initial details so that we can get back to you shortly with relevant questions and additional information.

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