Industries That Use Our Custom Software Development

Industries Softage Serves:

Softage LLC is, at its core, a provider of software solutions. In the modern world, that can mean any one of a million possible things. Probably more. So the most important thing to understand about Softage is probably that we don’t serve any particular industry; instead, we serve clients from any industry in need of programming solutions or novel code development. We can tell you that we serve governments, major communications companies like Skype, banking services, financial services, commercial retailers, mining companies, educational institutions, biomedical companies, and about a dozen industries. Right now, lives are being saved, sports are being watched, warehouses are being managed, inventories tracked, schedules created, and students taught by code we’ve written. On top of that, virtually every company in every industry has a web presence of some sort, but that’s really the tip of the iceberg, and not our main game.


So we can spend all day explaining which industries we serve, and that won’t help you decide which industries we serve. What we’d like to talk about, instead, is what we do.


Softage LLC specializes in challenges, more complex problems. We’re who you approach when you have questions like:

  • Can our town create a phone app which interacts with real world points to help tourists figure out where they want to go, then guide them there with a map?
  • How can we improve data sharing between our X-ray machines and MRIs?
  • Can we find a way for our lecturers to interact with their students in real time, even when they’re in a different country?
  • How can we make our giant subterranean coal mining machine respond more quickly to emergencies and protect our miners?
  • Is it possible to provide global live sports streaming coverage with virtually no lag?

Don’t get us wrong, if you want to pay us to do something easy, we’ll take your money with a smile, and give you some fantastic software, with great code. Many of the case studies you’ll find on this site are straightforward and simple projects. However, part of being at the cutting edge of technology is that we are always interacting with industries that are only beginning to exist, and older industries in ways no one even imagine possible ten years ago.


So which industries does Softage LLC serve?