What’s the risk?


How do we address the risks of software outsourcing?



Our core value is communication with the customer. Customers often have initial doubts about outsourcing because of the distance involved but without correct communication a good working relationship and a good output is impossible, even if your co-workers are sat in the same room! Therefore good and constant communication is our main focus at all times. The physical distance becomes irrelevant when you have the security of knowing your assigned Softage Staff and dedicated account manager will always keep you in the loop throughout a project.

Through constant communication we build trust with our customers. With this as our focus we truly believe that outsourcing is no more risky than engaging with a new UK based company or hiring a new member of staff- time tells and the value and success of any project is always in the relationship.

  • Full UK Based Account Management service for each project- contact via face to face meetings, phone and e-mail provides an extra level of security.
  • We follow Agile paradigm so we plan deliveries as often as possible. This makes sense as you can see exactly what the results are and can request changes or change priorities and roadmaps in timely manner. This means you don’t waste time and money implementing features in a way you end up not liking, even though it was built according to the initials specifications – the World is constantly changing, and we always take this into account!
  • We use special software that supports processes inside this paradigm. We can use those that we have in-house and we can also use those that you already use. We work with all the popular tools such as Task/Progress tracking systems, Source control and versioning, Continuous integration, Bug tracking systems etc.
  • We are proud to have software architects with 10+yrs experience in our team, to ensure you get stable, scalable, reliable software based on proven standards every time;
  • All our software engineers hold Bachelor or Master degrees in Computer Science, have at least 5 years experience and many are certified in corresponding technologies. They also do peer code reviews to provide fast-running, clear, self-explanatory, well commented, easy-to-support code;
  • We have dedicated QA staff on board who make sure you receive well tested applications, which on your request can be tested on different platforms in different environments (for example Windows 10 with IE or Mac with Safari). You don’t need to have all this software installed at your Company to be sure your product will work on your Clients PC;
  • You get wise project management providing a single point of contact. The PM is committed to ensuring your IT project will be completed successfully: in budget and on time. However, it is also possible to contact each of the team members directly if you want to.
  • We assign staff on your project transparently. We provide CVs of each team member we offer to include in your team. You can talk to them, test them, approve or replace them. Throughout the course of a project we don’t replace any without your prior approval. Consistency is important to us and you.
  • All staff speak English;
  • We communicate by email, SKYPE, phone or you can personally meet with a staff representatives in the UK, US, Russia or China;