Customization of Open Source Software

Integration of free Open Source technologies into IT projects drives reduction in project budget and time, as well as mitigation of various project risks. Open Source solutions enjoy a high level of quality, scalability flexibility,  and, if done right, are applicable for a large variety of customizable business solution domains. There are a number of major benefits of utilizing Open Source software, such as:

  • Reduced operational costs (up to 40%) compared to a product developed from initial specification.
  • Reduced development time and cost.
  • Flexibility for meeting specific needs and standards.
  • Enhanced portability.
  • Tolerance to hot fixes and feature enhancements.

Softage is a recognized provider of professional Open Source software integration services. Our continuous Open Source integration practice allows our customers to benefit from existing, pre-built, and high-quality Open Source components. Our team has worked on a number of Open Source software integration projects for different types of operating systems (including Windows and Linux), middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea, etc.) and business solution domains, including the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Content Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-Learning

Softage will help you implement the most suitable solution for your business using Open Source technologies by offering the following services:

  • Open Source Software Enterprise Integration: Integration of Open Source web servers and web applications, database and content management systems, Social Media solutions, and many more at your enterprise.
  • Customization of Open Source Software: Adaptation of Open Source software to your specific business needs and security standards by adding or enhancing functionality of modules, customizing designs, and so on.
  • Open Source Consulting: Includes professional consultations on implementation of Open Source products in specific IT projects.

If you want to make existing Open Source software work for your business in a secure and stable way, contact us today to consult with our representative, and receive FREE project estimation.