Hire our .Net Developers!

If you need to subcontract or outsource your .NET development, Softage LLC is you .Net development company. Softage delivers a full suite of web, desktop, mobile applications and programming services using .NET framework. Everything you need to meet your needs. Softage experts have implemented custom .NET applications for financial, software, telecommunication, healthcare, and other industries. They know what they’re doing, and, just as importantly, know what can’t be done with .NET. Rather than promising you the world and delivering less, our experts use their experience to help you lay out realistic goals and meet them with a solid product.

We provide .NET programming for the following domains:

  • Cross-industrial and industry-specific business support tools
  • E-business applications
  • Billing systems
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Medical devices compatible software using DICOM standard

Softage provides a full range of .NET development services including:

  • Implementing web applications in ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC
  • Designing and programming Windows Forms applications, WPF, and Silverlight
  • Implementing WCF services, using with Silverlight, WPF, and ASP.NET
  • Web services programming using XML and SOAP
  • Enterprise applications
  • NET solutions
  • Cloud programming based on Azure using specific technologies like Service Bus
  • Software programming using DevExpress

Our .NET developers have wide experience both in creating applications from scratch and porting legacy applications to the modern .NET platform.

We are flexible – you can hire our .NET developers on one of the following pricing models: fixed price, Time&Material, Dedicated development team

Softage is a reliable and reputed software development outsourcing company, maintaining a status of Microsoft Partner at Registered Member level and Windows Embedded Partner.

Here you can see few examples of our  work.