C Programming and C++ Programming Team

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If you need to have your C/C++ project done by professionals, you are on the right track. Softage LLC employs a team of experienced C++ coders, and they know their stuff.

The Softage C/C++ team has experience in the following types of programming:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Mobile
  • Video/Audio
  • Mac
  • Systems
  • Linux

Together with and on top of all that, we can create browser implementations (WAP, HTML, xHTML), modifications, and extensions for the major web browsers. Our Softage team creates Thunderbird extensions, programs for video conferencing (T.120), application and system level programming for mobile devices, driver programming for Linux, wireless networks, and, of course, firmware programming.

We work closely with leading OEM companies and large system integrators, and maintain our status as a Windows Embedded Partner, with access to the newest operating systems and development tools. If you’re working with Softage for your C programming or C++ ┬áprogramming needs, you’re balanced on the sharpest point of the cutting edge.

Softage is a reliable and reputable software development subcontracting company, listed in the prestigious rating of Top 10 ITO offshore providers for Eastern/Central Europe by the BBO.

Here you can see few examples of our completed C/C++ development projects.