e-Commerce Overview

e-Commerce is the number one choice in electronic monetization when it comes to selling products or services across the globe. Keeping track of innovations and up-to-date online technologies, Softage has all the necessary expertise to offer you high quality e-Commerce development services, including the following:

  • Creation of online stores and auctions
  • Creation of advanced shopping carts
  • e-Commerce hosting
  • Development of e-Commerce Portals and e-trading solutions
  • Creation of Amazon Marketplaces
  • eBay/PayPal Integration
  • Implementation of Payment gateways
  • Development of billing and reservation systems

With over 15 years of experience in business application development, Softage benefits from substantial experience in every aspect of e-Commerce. At Softage, we use the latest web-based technology to deliver reliable and user-friendly e-Commerce solutions for your business. Whether you need to set up an online credit card purchasing facility, design your database, program your website to interact with the database, set up your website with a payment processor, or all of those things at once, Softage is here to help.

Contact us now to find out how you can “e-power” your business with Softage’s fundamental e-Commerce solutions.