Case Study Info

Reports Reviewing Tool

The Challenge

Softage is tasked with creating a web-based automated system for tracking and editing various reports. The system must support revision and approval functions and data capture.

Solution Overview

The Reports Reviewing Tool (RRT) is a web-based automated system used to track edit requests for reports. Reviewers proof reports and use this tool as the primary means of communicating edits to the report authors. The requests are stored in a database in order to provide a means of capturing the data and summarizing it for the report authors. The information is delivered to the authors by email.

Process summary

  • Reviewers use the tool to track edits for a particular report.
  • After entering all the edits into the tool, the reviewer can review the edits that he/she has created for report for completeness on screen or in Excel.
  • The reviewer can then submit the edits for processing. Prior to submitting the report, the reviewer can change any entries associated with the report. After submitting, the reviewer will not be able to revise or view the report.
  • An email summarizing the edits will be generated and sent to the reviewer, the manager, and the author of report


C#.NET, MS SQL 2000