Case Study Info

Large Scale Email/SMS Delivery Platform

The Challenge

Our customer, a start-up provider of large-scale email and SMS delivery services, needs to develop a software system to support their service delivery. Softage is selected for this project due to its proven expertise in the area of email/SMS delivery software solutions, responsiveness, and creative approach to the project.

Solution Overview

The main goal of this system is to allow users to easily set up, manage, launch, and monitor large scale email/SMS delivery campaigns. The system consists of two parts: a PC web application and a Mobile web application. The system is integrated with popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Main Features

  • Adding email/telephone contacts via web interface from PC and mobile phone.
  • Data import from files.
  • Salesforce integration, data import from Salesforce.
  • User management, user groups.
  • Rich campaign reporting.
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Automated data posting to Twitter and Facebook.

Tools & Technologies

Java, Maven, Spring, Wicket, Hibernate, SMTP, SMPP, MySQL, Twitter API, Facebook API