Case Studies

Performance Of Mutable HashSet

In June 2013 Softage find out that mutable Hashset in Scala language has not satisfiable performance. We decided to start a research project to find why and how it can be optimized.
As a main result we find out that in most of cases current solution is slowest one. For regular data simple separate chaining solution is fastest, but with composite buckets we can have better performance for some boundary data. So one of the best solution is in Java 8 when we have simple buckets before some threshold and composite bucket after some amount of collisions.


Wi-Fi System Design

The customer contacted Softage and five other companies in three different countries to provide a competitive cooperation proposal for R&D and software development services. Softage won this bid for the project because of its expertise, experience, value proposition, and quick response.

Our customer is a prominent wireless systems integrator, specializing in point-to-point and point to multipoint wireless system solutions.Our customer needs to develop a next generation software and hardware product, a point-to-multipoint fixed broadband wireless local loop platform.


Web-based Recruiting Solution

Our customer represents an education center specializing in recruiting native English speakers to teach English in Japan. Even though the customer already has a web site, job applicants need to use conventional mail to send all required information requisite to an application. With international offices located in Japan, US, Europe and Australia such procedure is very inefficient and complex. Our customer asks us for a working web-based recruiting system.


Web application security scanner

With so much of the world around us now entirely dependent on the fidelity and integrity of our IT systems, and with so many people eager and willing to exploit the smallest loophole in those systems for personal gain, there is no area of endeavor more critical to the smooth running of the modern world than IT security. Without doubt, one of the leaders in that vital sector of the industry is NTObjectives, and the biggest gun in their arsenal is NTOSpider.


WAP Stack

Our customer needs a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in C++. We need to be certain of WAP2 compliance, and we want to extend to other platforms, if possible. The customer has access to all of the well-documented APIs, which gives us a certain amount of flexibility.


WAP Browser

WAP/HTML browser version 5 is a desktop-equivalent browser for embedded platforms. This browser must show the content in the same way as a traditional PC browser. In order to enhance the experience on small screens the browser needs advanced zooming and focus/select capabilities to provide a comfortable browsing experience on any platform.


Voice-Enabled Web Services

Softage develops advanced software solutions that enable users to access and navigate websites by the means of voice. The primary user group for the solution is handicapped people. Primary customer group is governmental organizations. The technical challenges presented by translated the diverse accents and vocal ranges present in most populations into actionable data for user interface interactions should be self-evident.


Virtual Mac Printer

InExchange approaches Softage and asks us to help them with a usability issue they encountered in providing document management and billing services to customers using their bespoke (custom) application, InExchange Virtual Printer. In essence, the company needs a virtual printer driver for the Mac which will not only output the printed data as a postscript file – which was fairly straightforward – but will also automatically save the postscript file and upload it to an FTP server or HTTP address, retaining details of the user who had printed it.


Virtual Catalog Application

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance. They come to Softage needing a system of searching books, studying programs, etc., which allows the saving of search results, creating PDF reports, sending a third party a link to the search results, saving the results for registered users, and transferring the user to the buying page. It fell to the specialists of Softage to develop a virtual catalog (VC) product meeting these diverse requirements.


Viral Kiosk Application

Our customer, a US company that builds and operates Vertical Wind Tunnels needs a tool for obtaining feedback from their customers easily. They intend to use this information for their marketing purposes and to post feedback to popular social networking services. The specialists of Softage need implement the video processing application according to customer’s requirements and perform integration with popular social networking services such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.


Video Streaming Broadcasting

The Perform Group has access rights to one of the largest digital sports portfolios in the business. They are in partnership with all the big names in sports broadcasting including Sky, Al Jazeera, Star, the BBC, and all the major American networks. In the first nine months of 2011 they delivered over 2.5 billion individual video streams spread over more than 100 mobile and internet-based services, and by March 2012 they were reaching 105 million sports fans across the globe.

Video Codec

The video codec supports the baseline profile of the ITU-T Recommendation H.263, which is video coding for low bit rate communication. Baseline profile, in this case, refers to the syntax of the recommendation with no optional modes of operation. The codec is designed and coded from scratch therefore doesn’t inherit reference ITU implementation.

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System

Creating an automatic vehicle identification system that reads the license plates of the passing vehicles in real time and instantly checks them against database banks without disturbing traffic.

Traffic Control System

Our customer needs a software system allowing automated road traffic monitoring and facilitating finding stolen cars. The system is requested by the police department of a European Union country. An ideal solution would support a large network of video cameras installed across the country.

Tracking User’s Information System

Our customer ASTD (American Society for Training & Development), the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, needs a solution that allows locations to submit updates to ASTD through an automated process that tracks progress through a defined workflow.

Tracker Application

One of our German customers, a leading provider of technologies for Telecontrol & Tracking, and and innovator of IVR Systems needs to launch a system to register drivers’ working hours, report activities, and to identify goods.


The Big Wine Festival

Our British customer CIMEX, a prominent digital agency, needs a company to develop functional part of the site covering the event celebrating wine, food, and culture 7-10th of June, 2012 in UK. Obviously, we’re working with an inflexible deadline, so we can’t make any mistakes, or afford any delays.

Terminals Firmware

Depo Computers, the leading original computer equipment manufacturer in Russia, needs a software provider to work with their new product, Depo Sky 252F Terminals. Terminals are targeted to automate employee workplaces and proposed to be used by a range of companies, not only small business but also enterprise companies, finance, and state organizations.


Mining Industry Emergency Event Management

From very modest beginnings in New South Wales, Australia, Nepean has grown to become a major industrial player with an integrated network of manufacturing companies providing goods and services across Australia and far beyond. Such has been the success of the company over the decades that they have reorganized into four divisions to deliver their engineering, mining, and capital equipment solutions.


SQL Query Optimization

Rapidly increasing data processing demand in client systems are causing database queries to hang in the server. Delays are occasionally reaching into minutes, rendering a time-to-response which is completely unacceptable for client PCs.

Lecturer Feedback System

ASTD, the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, needs a solution providing a method for potential conference attendees to ask questions and provide feedback to speakers facilitating sessions at ASTD TechKnowledge® 2009.


Skype Click to Call maintenance

Skype turns to Softage to assist them with designing and developing this new service and, in a relationship that is to last three years, our team of developers works closely with Skype’s own people to deliver what is dubbed the Skype Web Toolbars. There is a separate toolbar for each application and for each browser. Further product development over the next few years sees these toolbars evolve into what we now know as Skype Click to Call.

Reports Reviewing Tool

The Reports Reviewing Tool (RRT) is a web-based automated system used to track edit requests for reports. Reviewers proof reports and use this tool as the primary means of communicating edits to the report authors. The requests are stored in a database in order to provide a means of capturing the data and summarizing it for the report authors. The information is delivered to the authors by email.

Real Estate management system

Altisource offers a great many products and systems to meet its clients’ widely varying needs. As part of their development and updating program they needed to revise and improve all the business logic which underpins the systems, incorporating the latest technological advances and improvements so that their clients would have access to the most up to date applications. They also identify a need to revise and develop the structure of their databases, and to make product support easier.

Project Management Solution

A Softage team is tasked with implementing a project management system for employees, which supports task assignments with due dates and automatic reminders. The system must be flexible enough to be used on a wide variety of projects and team sizes.

Production Traceability

For a company of this size, complexity, and occupying such a leading position in so many markets, product reliability is fundamental because reliability drives company reputation. A key facet of reliability in any food manufacturer, including pet food, is the ability to determine almost instantly the provenance of every single ingredient of every single product.


Phone Number Recognizer Refactoring

Our team quickly identifies the problem, devises and implements solutions, rolling out a much improved PNR. The Skype team is delighted with the results. The revised PNR is twelve times as effective as the previous version. It finds more telephone numbers faster and more reliably. On top of this, Softage manages to greatly reduce the size of the code in the process.

Personnel Time Planning

The personnel time planning tool is an application that is used to convey the travel schedules of employees. This is used to indicate where they might be in any given week. Employees or employees’ administrative assistants have ability to view/update employees’ travel information at any time.

Performance and Quality Appraisal Tool

The Performance and Quality Appraisal Tool (PQAT) is a Web-based tool used by a Control Group to solicit feedback from Managers on the Employee’s performance for a particular Client, supported by the Employee. This is used as a basis for providing a performance and a quality appraisal for the Employee.


Peer to Peer Media Streaming Solution

iRoam, a Peer to Peer (P2P) media streaming solution is a software developed for streaming audio and video files from one computer to another, for example from a home PC to a work PC. To do this the user need just install the system at home, turn on the media player in a browser at the work computer and listen to the music.

OpenID <-> OpenSSO bridge – Open source integration project

Our customer, Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Japan, a leading Japanese system integrator, needs a solution in the field of Identity Management.The main project goal is to create a bridge between OpenID and OpenSSO. In other words, to provide OpenID 2.0 compliant functionally using single sign-on as authentication backend.

Online Testing System

Creating an online testing system for educational market that allows testing a large number of students at once. It is important that the system administrator is able to manage all the settings of the system. Specifically, they need control over the number of students, lists of questions, access to the system, test results, test time, etc.

Online Real Estate CRM System

Our Softage specialists spring to work developing an online custom CRM solution to automate and manage real estate sales. As a base for the system we selected Sugar CRM, the market’s leading open source CRM application, in order to minimize development time and to reduce total solution cost.

Online Meeting Registration System

Softage must create a full-featured web-based meeting registration system that covers all aspects of event management. The system must fully support complex multi-day or multi-meeting events with flexible pricing by meeting type.


Online Customer Information Service

A trade association representing a large network of retail outlets in a major European city is keen to invest in new technology allowing their customers full visibility of the range of products across all of the members’ retail outlets.


Online Casino

Online Casino is a complete software application designed specifically for licensed gaming operators. Its main purpose is to provide a modern gaming experience to casino players in the comfort of their home, through broadcasted live casino games, secured payment solutions, with automated administration and monitoring of the whole business operation.

NFC based City Information guide solution

Experts of Softage quickly develop the required NFC solution. The whole system includes a server with database, Smart Posters with NFC tags, a web interface for system administration, and a dedicated client section powered by J2ME MIDlets which will be installed on users’ NFC enabled mobile phones.

Multipoint Videoconferencing System

The solution is delivered using an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) and Softage’s proprietary H.263 video codec. A convenient user interface and well-planned navigation make the system a perfect choice for mass videoconferencing participants.


Mobile Phone Tracking System

One of our Canadian customers requests a web application which is actually rich internet application based on Silverlight technology. The main purpose is to track and follow mobile phone activities such as being and moving inside the tracking area, phone calls, SMS messages and Internet requests.


Mobile application for Blackberry and J2me phones

Our customer, a software development company located in the United Kingdom and specializing in telecom solutions, needs a highly qualified Blackberry and J2ME developer to work on an innovative set of mobile applications.


MMS Client

Softage, in partnership with Winwap Technologies Oy, Finland, seeks to create MMS Client Software based on the existing WAP communications and MMS tech we developed in the past.

Mining Rescue Service System

Working closely with both QMRS and with Nepean, an expert team from Softage examines the requirements and developes an outline solution. Our team sees that the optimum solution would be a bespoke web-based application specifically designed to meet each specified requirement. The application, christened Digital Rescue, will have two parts.


Medical Digital Imaging Management System

One of our long-term European customers, a leading provider of medical technology and state-of-the-art medical devices, needs a unique application allowing multiple medical departments to better handle the various images and films associated with medical imaging.

Manufacturing Execution System Extending

The on/off Group is keen to increase the utility of InfoCarrier to their existing clients and to expand its use to a broader client base. They team up with Softage in January 2012 and ask us to assist with product development and integration for InfoCarrier.


Loyalty Program Support Application

The existing customer loyalty program is very simple: Customers accrue loyalty points at any one of over 500 retail and commercial outlets across the city, then use those points to buy goods or services either in the original store or at any of the others who were members of the scheme.

Longwall Portal Upgrading

Over the past forty years, Nepean has grown from a small mining technology business in rural Australia to become one of the industry leaders, with an integrated network of manufacturing companies in engineering, mining, and capital equipment solutions providing goods and services across the world. One of its best selling products is their longwall mining system.

Liferay Business Portal

To meet all of the customers’ requirements and reduce time and expenses, our technical experts offered to use Liferay Portal Community Edition as a basic CMS. Liferay is a highly scalable web platform for building business solutions with a sizable quantity of ready modules and features that can be used during further system development.

License Management System

One of our US customers, a leading innovator in delivering cost-effective IT Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, needs a web-based platform enabling corporate users to automatically obtain a picture of their Microsoft software usage compared with Microsoft’s understanding of their license position.

Large Scale Email/SMS Delivery Platform

The main goal of this system is to allow users to easily set up, manage, launch, and monitor large scale email/SMS delivery campaigns. The system consists of two parts: a PC web application and a Mobile web application. The system is integrated with popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

iPhone Mobile Client for Online Search Portal

The main aim of this system is to help users find nearest available offers instantly while on the go. The iPhone mobile client provides an interface to search for offers, coupons, promotions, special deals, discounts, and bargains from local retail businesses.

iPhone App for a Mobile Game

Our customer, a European company, needs to develop an iPhone application that lets users create new players for an iPhone game and post their names to their Facebook wall.

iPad Medical Educational Application

Softage must create an application for use in medical education. This application is intended to be a way to study and test oneself on many of the muscles and bones in the body. It contains 120 muscles and over 30 bones. It does not contain all the muscles or bones in the body, however, so it should not be used as a substitute for a class, but as an adjunct.


Investment Planning Software

We design a smart toolkit to manage stock and fixed income portfolios for clients, with the goal of helping them make informed investment planning decisions. A forecasting module contains built-in models to project securities prices with given securities/country risk parameters.


iNameDays application

Celebrating name days is a big thing in some countries. That’s why the idea of creating the NameDays application appeared. This application will help the user to remember family, friends’ and colleagues’ name days.


House Management System

Not only does Softage succeed in meeting our original goals, but our house management system provides an opportunity for a management company to post a project with the requirements and find the best provider of any goods or services they need.

Healthcare Software Project for Therapists

Softage’s specialist implements a solution based on the design and architecture constraints provided by the customer. The application is composed of different sub-systems: a rich client application featuring a management application, a web service for requesting training plans, and an online portal.

Healthcare Custom Interfacing Software (DICOM, HL7)

The first phase of project involves processing only DICOM data coming to and from X-ray devices. Specialists from Softage, in cooperation with the customer, design and implement the first version of the interfacing software. The interfacing software transforms procedure information data into DICOM standard, and transfers it to an X-ray device.

Geo-location Based Search Engine

The main aim of the system is to help customers find right solution in the right time. The system is a search engine for offers, coupons, promotions, special deals, discounts and bargains from local retail businesses. Using the best in search technology and social networking the system enables customers to explore, discover, and share offers with friends and family.


Flash Video Conference

Softage develops a system according to customer’s requirements, designed specifically for distance education and communication between lecturers and students. The lecturer can create a video conference, view a list of connected students, and authorize a student from a list to enter into conversation with them.

Facility Management System

One of Softage’s German customers, a leading sport equipment provider, needs an effective online facility management system. They want it to help their clients not only buy and use sport equipment effectively, but find suitable sport grounds, sport classes, training programs, and everything else, to help all sports-lovers. The system must also be useful for sport services and product providers.

Euro Terminal Web Portal

Softage creates a complete web-based hotel and travel reservation system. It serves as a one-stop information source for travelers. Comprehensive and factual information updates are provided from service providers, and the system is available 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access.


Softage, working in a short time-frame, develops a solution to satisfy these requirements. The solution consists of a core engine and a set of libraries, integrated with micro browser.

E-commerce and Customer Service Solution

Softage develops a value-added tool designed to leverage existing e-commerce sites and generate revenues from improved customer service. The system is very complicated, featuring advanced architecture, and robustly designed to support large number of clients, more than 4 million users monthly.

Distant Education System

After a detailed discussion of exactly what our client wants, and carefully outlining their main goals, Softage develops a system according to customer’s requirements. The system is complex, and consists of encoding, storing, and streaming segments.

Display Calibration Software

Our customer, a world leader in innovative technology solutions for color management and color science technology, needs help with the development of their new display calibration product for Professional Photographers and Studios. Softage develops a user interface for the latest version of the product.

Digital Video Recording System

Softage is tasked with building the underlying software for a video recording security system. This requires a solution supporting real-time video recording, naturally, but also a playback option for recorded video, and a motion detection system for convenience.


Cross-platform Social Networking Solution

When the solution is constructed, it is decided that those within the buddy network of a user may see shared files and folders, watch video clips, without downloading them, using QuickTime player. Inside the chat interface users may simply send voice messages instead of text ones if they prefer.

Conference Room Reservation Management

The entire completed system is, as we said, complicated. The primary feature base has been broken down for purposes of time and convenience. There are two main sections, the front end, which handles the representation of data and client/customer relations, and the back-end which handles resource tracking and disposition.

Secure Data Proxy

n some circumstances it is impossible for client companies to allow unrestricted access to applications, even to the developers engaged to maintain and upgrade them. So it is in the relationship between Softage and FTechnics Inc, a large and respected provider of IT services to the financial sector. The integrity of their systems is crucial not only to their own success as a business, but also to that of their customers, and not only in terms of reputation.

Electronic Data Processing System

To create a complete enterprise-wide solution that automates all major business processes and unifies workflow across distributed offices. The system serves as a highly reliable and secure communication channel between the headquarters, offices, partners and clients.


Cross-platform Desktop Proxy

Our customer, a prominent Internet marketing agency, needs to develop a cross-platform proxy running on a local computer between the browser and internet. The proxy monitor software should permit one to modify packets on the fly.


Affiliate Marketing System

Softage Affiliate marketing system is a game-changing technology platform that gives affiliates their own white label online stores. This means more control, lifetime value from customers, and more revenue.