Why Us?


Why Custom Software Development from Softage?

Why us? Why should you choose Softage LLC?

For starters, we’ve worked in the field of software development since 2003, and in that time we’ve developed deep expertise in most of existing technologies. We are a customer-oriented company, with a strong focus on communication and service, building relationships that turn our customers into repeat customers.

But what can we offer specifically for you? How can our specialists could help to enhance your business? Why choose Softage as your software provider?

Key Benefits

Customer-centric Approach:

  • Convenient business models.
  • Flexibility in change management.
  • Project teams are result-oriented.


  • Quality assurance according to international standards (ISO-9001, CMMI level 3).
  • Predictable and transparent software development process (Software Engineering Process, SEP) based on the best industrial practices (RUP, Agile, Scrum).


  • Highly skilled certified specialists – our experts hold certificates from Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Oracle and Brainbench.
  • Deep technical specialization.
  • Industrial expertise, knowledge of business area.

Comprehensive service:

  • Full-service cycle from consulting and architecture design to implementation, maintenance, and support.
  • Nearshore and offshore approach: both on site consultants and offshore programmers.

Efficient Communication:

  • High availability – fast access to critical skills.
  • Careful study of your needs allows addressing them properly.

Financial Efficiency:

  • Reducing cost of Information Technology.
  • Predictable budgeting and planning of your projects.
  • Reducing time to realization.

How We Do It:

It’s simple – we focus and deliver.

We follow a simple five-step process in delivering all of our projects.

We deliver with passion and commitment. Our boutique size allows us to focus and deliver the best and most advanced applications to our clients. We commit to the project at the very early stages of planning and allocate resources according to the best fit and best delivery method approach.

We are honest and open about our capabilities. We will not take on a project which makes little sense to us, or a project that we simply cannot deliver. Our offshore center in Russia and local US project management and leadership allow us to honestly assess the cost and duration of the project jointly with our client.

We possess industry and subject matter expertise. We deliver based on our combined knowledge of financial, telecommunications, media, travel, distribution and manufacturing industry sectors. We understand how each business application, from accounting to supply chain management, behaves and integrates within each sector. We understand our clients’ business and extend business goals and objectives through technology and business applications.

We develop quickly and we deploy quickly. Because we are well optimized for small and medium size projects, we can can quickly deploy test and production strength applications, and enable our clients to incrementally build on the foundation.

Ease of dealing with us. We are agile, committed and approachable. Our centers in Russia and US are easily accessed by our clients and we will travel to their locations to meet their needs, at the place of business. We understand customer service and quality of service, and we can deliver flawlessly on small and medium size projects.