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FedComp, Inc, USA

FedComp, Inc

The Challenge

The VirtualCU (Virtual Credit Union) product provides an online presence to Credit Unions that do not have their own websites.

Each VirtualCU deployment involved creating a static website, which took several steps in a complicated workflow and involved several staff members. Creating new sites, processing change requests for existing sites, and doing so with minimal staff involvement, quickly became unmanageable and unprofitable

The Solution

Through our partnership with Suddenly Software, Inc, we proposed a multi-phased web solution that automated the labor intensive and costly task of creating and maintaining websites. Utilizing MS ASP, IIS, Java, and SQL Server, we cost effectively moved the task from the programmer’s desk to the customer’s browser.

How Did We Do?

Through our partnership with Softage LLC as development partner and Suddenly Software, Inc as management partner we revamped our entire VirtualCU process from site creation to maintenance. There were several places in our original workflow where bottlenecks slowed deployment. Now our customers create their own site, with no staff involvment. In the past, it took 4 staff members, 4-6 weeks to create a new site. We now have a streamlined process that is entirely automated, and our customers can manage their own VirtualCU.

In addition, the VirtualCU product is now a growth area for our company. It was transformed from a high cost, low margin product, into a great performer.

Jim Jessee Director of Installations and Training

About FedComp, Inc

FedComp is the largest supplier of PC-based credit union software worldwide with over 2500 sold. They have credit unions in 48 states, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. They have over 30 employees with headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia and sales locations in Georgia, Colorado and Florida.